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Black screen in Ubuntu 11.04, upgrade from 10.10[Solved]

Hello, i am writing this post because,i think lot’s of people are facing this problem after upgrading to Ubuntu 11.04 from Ubuntu 10.10.So if you seen a black screen after the upgrade you can try these options:

  1. Just Restart your computer by pressing power button or using any other method,then when your computer boots a boot loader screen comes(if it not comes then just press Esc button) for selection of Ubuntu version then on this screen you can select the recovery mode option and just press enter on it ,after some time it will show you some options then select “repair broken package” by pressing enter.It will take some time and your ubuntu will repaired automatically.After it complete the process just restart you ubuntu and i hope it will work fine.
  2. if you are able to boot into Ubuntu 11.04 then you can try this:

  3. Just open the terminal(you can press Alt+F2 the type gnome-terminal then press enter) and type “sudo apt-get install -f” and press enter may be it works fine but if it not works then you can use “sudo dpkg –configure -a” and just press it will automatically repaired any think with dpkg.After that just restart your system and i hope it will work fine.

Enjoy UBUNTU 11.04 “Natty Narwhal”

Firefox 4 crashed-Attempting to load the system libmoon[Solved]

Since last 10 days i was facing this problem that whenever i started my firefox4 suddenly after few seconds of it’s start it was crashed every time.I am using ubuntu 11.04 natty
Here my ubuntu terminal helped me to sorted out this issue:

  1. i just started my firefox using terminal(just type firefox) and wait for crash.
  2. A message appeared on terminal:Attempting to load the system libmoon
  3. Just open the synaptic package manager search for libmoon,moonlight-plugin-core & moonlight-plugin-mozilla and updated them to the latest release(you can try sudo apt-get update before opening the synaptic package manager).
  4. Problem solved 🙂
  5. If still you face the problem then just remove moonligh-plugin-mozilla

P.S. Congratulation to Mozilla firefox team to make the awesome browser.

How to Rotate a video in VLC player

Today,when i was watching a video in VLC media player then it’s orientation was not correct it should be rotated by 90′ Clockwise.Then searched over the google and found a method for rotating the videos in VLC.The method is:
Go to Tools menu->Effects & Filters->Video Effects Tab
then simply click on the Transform check box and adjust the value form the drop-down below it.

That’s all.